Saturday, July 19, 2008

Utah or Bust!

Miranda, Bella & I got to go with my Mom to Utah a few weeks ago. We went to take my brother his BBQ pit that he had bought in Texas. So, we benefited from the trip by visiting with all the family and having lots of fun. While we were there, only a couple days into our supposed five day stay, my Mom's van broke down and couldn't be repaired for over a week. So, instead of being gone for one week, we were gone for two. We made the most of it and had lots and lots of fun with our Utah cousins. We stayed at Phil and Leanne's house in Springville. Here is a bit of a photo journal of some of our activities.

On the way, we stopped at Wilson Arch, near Moab, UT. We attempted to climb, the best we could in flip flops, and half way up Miranda decided (jokingly) that she had had is her tired of "hiking" look.

Then Bella joined her (it was really hot and she had lost her flip flops....ouch!). They thought they were too cool in their shades.

When we got there, Miranda and Katie were inseperable. Literally. They slept together, showered together, played, ate, you name it, they did it together. I love the bond that they have. They have been mailing each other letters since we got home. I love that they are BFF's, especially since my BFF is Katie's momma!

This is the view of the mountain outside Phil's kitchen window. Actually I was standing at the end of his driveway. Beautiful, isn't it?

On the morning of the 4th of July, we attended the Provo City parade. Here is me and my BFF (Leanne). We had a great time.

Miranda and I sitting and waiting for the parade to start. Miranda had a really good seat. She was right up front.

Spencer and Bella were best buddies the whole time. Here they are waving at the Provo Police (next pic). Bella had never been to a parade before. She LOVED it!

Here is the cop they were waving at.

Spencer, Bella, Katie, two of Katie's cousins, and Miranda watching all the festivities.

Here comes Bella's favorite part of the WHOLE parade...

...a huge Curious George balloon. She was SO excited!

Everytime a motorcycle came by, this is what Bella did....she even does this when you flush a toilet...she hates loud noises.

Miranda got a big kick out of the BYU Cougar mascot.

As well as all the huge balloons. I had never seen any like this in person. Only on TV for the Macy's parade at Thanksgiving time. This is Miranda watching Babar the Elephant.

And here is Underdog...the cartoon version.

After the parade, everyone was pooped out, except Bella and Ben. He had her laughing so hard. Good thing I had put her in pull-ups for the parade. They were so funny. (notice Miranda in the background?)

Katie, Spence, and Miranda were GONE within minutes of putting on their seatbelts.

Later in the afternoon, my bro set up slip n slides, and BBQ'd for the whole family. We had a bunch of people there. (I think he counted 70 or so-true Johnson fashion!)
Here is Miranda in all her sliding glory.

While the big kids were sliding, Bella was enjoying the pool all by herself (keep in mind that this was before everyone arrived).

We managed to snag a group photo of the kids that were there. It ended up being the oldest boy & oldest girl and the youngest boy & girl!
Phil (#14), Sue (#3), Arlo (#1), and me (#15) with my Mom sitting in front. Aren't we cute?!

Bella, her cousin Bethanie, cousin Keslee(sp.), and a friend all enjoying the slip n side.

Cousins having fun...Samara, Clayton, Bella, Keslee, and Bethanie in the background.

My nephew, Vinnie, me and my niece, Mindy (they are Samara's parents)...enjoying the BBQ and family fun.

Here is me and my niece Hollie Anne. Aren't we too cute?

Bella sure loved the sparklers. It kind of looks like she is going to burn Bethanie's leg...optical illusion! Ha Ha!

Here is the whole crowd watching the little bitty fireworks display.

Ben, Phil, Leanne, Miranda, Katie, Bella, and Spencer enjoying one of my favorite things in Springville: The Snowie's....snowcones that ROCK!

Bella showing off....she loved her pink bubblegum flavor. Last year I got her clear bubblegum and she was so mad because it wasn't pink...we corrected it this year!

Goofy Miranda...her favorite flavor was Tiger's blood...coconut & strawberry.

We got to do a few extra fun things since we were stranded for a few we decided to go up to Kennecott Copper Mine. It was amazing. Here are the girls in front of one of the wheels from the dump trucks that they use there. They were HUGE!!!

Bella and Miranda doing "ROCK ON" silly.

Bella looking through the big binoculars into the open mine. It truly was amazing.

Miranda, Katie and Spence doing their silly faces that I think they did in almost every picture.

I actually got in a I am with my babies...and a really big tire!

Last but not least...Bella got into Katie's closet and found her Hannah Montana wig...she wore it all day. The next day we went to Claire's in the mall and Bella thru a complete fit when I wouldn't buy her one of her own...three years old and acting like a teenager already!

Sixteen weeks and counting

I am sixteen weeks today. Let's see how this bump grows. (Take notice of my new kitchen wall color?)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Haircuts all around

Before me & my girls left to visit Utah, we decided to all get a haircut. Bella and I got one and then Miranda got to go back the next day. I didn't get pics of Miranda at the salon, but I did get her "after" with me at the end.

Here is Bella while Ms. Joyce is snipping away. She is only good for her. She loves Joyce!

She tried so hard to be still. It really is a big deal for her to get to sit in the big black chair. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for her to keep her hands off of all the interesting things to touch in Joyce's salon. She is also a hair collector...I could NOT keep her off the floor, so she was covered in hair! At least most of it was our own! Yuck, right?

All done and pretty!

Do you like my new do? J/K She was straightening my hair (Ricky's fave) and this was taken midway thru the process.

Here we are, all done and pretty. Me with my straight do and Miranda with her newly trimmed (but trying to grow out) locks.