Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Ok...here is one of the other exciting things that has happened in our life over the past few months. We got to go to Utah for Spring Break! It was the week between when Rick quit his job at NuPrints and when he started Market Vision. So, we decided to just GO! We went with my Mom and her sister, Aunt Dorothy. Now for the following pictures, keep in mind that my Miranda is nine years old and had NEVER seen snow in person before. We had a BLAST! Such great memories and wonderful times. I absolutely loved going on this trip with my whole little family. Usually, I will go with my Mom and my girls and Ricky has to stay home. NOT this time!

Miranda and Bella's first time in the snow. They just couldn't get enough. You know when it is a hot summer day, and your kids constantly bug you to get in the pool or go to SeaWorld, well, once Miranda was in the snow, she begged to go back to this park everyday. I have never seen her so happy.

No lack of smiles here.

Our little cold family. Notice how Bella looks like a ragdoll!

Miranda and my sis-in-law/BFF Leanne got Ricky caught in the middle of a snow throw!

Cuddlin' in the cold. Nothin' better!

Me and my Leanne. I miss her so much! This is the lady that changed my life. She was my roommate at Ricks College and we instantly knew that we were meant to be BFF's forever. I made her marry my brother so that we would have a real eternal bond. I am so glad that she is in my life. Forever!

Daddy and Miranda enjoying the snow. Miranda had a smile on her face ALL DAY! It was awesome!

Bella got into the snow throwin' business, too. She had a few for her Daddy.

My message for my family and for you!

Ricky's favorite pic of me. He says I look like a ski jacket model...whatever! But I sure felt great!

Rick's new digs at work!

Over this past month or so, life for the Williamson's has brought about a few changes. First and most importantly, Rick has a new job. He started with a company called Market Vision on March 24th. He is an art director for this company, which is a marketing/advertising agency. He is assigned to work on the Coca-Cola account, as well as AutoZone, General Mills, and others I think. He is loving it. He is able to be creative in a way that he loves. He has always loved the ad agency type work and has missed it for a long time. (He worked production at an agency back in 1997). Anyway, to sum it all up...he is loving his job and the people at his job LOVE him! We are so excited for this new adventure!
(Did I mention that this new job now affords us to have full benefits!!)

Ricky designed and assembled his entire office (the assembly was part credit to me, also ;) )

Now he finally has a proper place for all his Darth Vader/Star Wars memorabilia!!