Friday, March 14, 2008

Bouncing Babies

Molly was visiting the other day and I just love how these two girls can find the simplest thing to entertain themselves with. They jumped on these pillows for probably 10 minutes before I grabbed the camera. The laughing just kept getting louder and louder. Too much fun sometimes. But I love it!

Happy Birthday Bella!

On March 1st, Bella turned 3. She woke up and had a few presents on the table. Her sweet sissy, Miranda was more excited for Bella to open the gifts, than even Bella was. Miranda loves presents...don't we all? :)

One of Bella's favorite things right now is Playdoh. Miranda has always loved it, so now she has a little creative friend to play with. They both are so cute when they play together. No matter what they are doing, you can tell how much they absolutely love each other. Just the other day, Miranda told me that she doesn't even remember life without Bella and that she is SOOO glad that she is not an only child. She really loves her sister.

After breakfast, and presents of course, we took our little family to SeaWorld for opening day. I mentioned to the lady at the turnstiles that is was Bella's third birthday, so I had to buy her a season pass, and the lady asked me to wait there for just a moment while she went to the offices. She came back with a pin that reads "It's my birthday" and has Shamu on it with a birthday hat. She also gave Bella a little pack of souvenir cards just for Bella. She was so excited.
We were happy to learn that Bella is now tall enough to ride the little Shamu roller coaster. (At least it looked like she was when she stood at the marker for height, and she tip-toed to make sure she was tall enough....NO LIE...she did that all on her own...we were laughing so hard. She is a little stinker!)

We ran into my mom while we were there. She was with Molly and her daddy, Harry. So, we spent the majority of our time hanging with them. Here is Rick with my mom and Bella at the dolphin area.

Here is Miranda trying so hard to get the dolphins to come to her so she can pet such luck...EVER! Poor thing.

Bella had a couple dolphins swim by pretty fast and they splashed her pretty good. But, no petting for her either. Oh well, there is always next time, right?

Here is most of the gang (minus my mom and Harry). I am holding Molly. Notice the love on Bella's face. She absolutely LOVES the characters. She will run up and hug any costumed character, anywhere.

Then, she found Penny Penguin. I had to literally pull her away from her so that other people could take pictures and say hello. She would have brought one home if I would have let her.

Do you think she could squeeze any harder?
We had such a good time. I am looking forward to this summer....I love SeaWorld!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bella's Birthday Party littlest baby is three now!! She has grown so fast. We had a joint birthday party with her cousin Molly, this past Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We had a bouncy that the girls enjoyed all day, prior to the party. Bella jumped all day long and totally wore herself out. Since she was so tired, she was a wee bit cranky at the actual party.
So, while we were opening presents, she was crying nearly the whole is the proof:

So, poor baby, while she wasn't playing between fits, she was only content in my arms. So, needless to say, this is how we looked for a good portion of the party:

My only saving grace, was her birthday cake. My sister Sue, made this AMAZING Barbie cake with Little Mermaid accents. Bella absolutely loved it! She attacked it like it was only for her and NO ONE else. It was awesome!

The major regret that I have is that I didn't get very many pictures. The party was combined with Molly, and I didn't get even one picture with the two birthday girls. They looked so beautiful. Molly is such a good little friend to Bella. They even have their own language when they see each other. It is just pure joy. I love it!