Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Utah updates

My silly little Lexi. She is such a fun baby. Such a fun personality.

Two of my beauties. They are (for the most part) so good to each other. I love moments like this.
Bella in front of my most favorite temple...Salt Lake. My beautiful girl.
We went to the Gateway shopping center and they have this water feature where the kids can get soaking wet while you are shopping (FUN..NOT!). This is the before the water shot in her face...
....and this is the after the water shot in her face. Perfect picture, huh? Just LOVE it!
Miranda looking at her best cousin, Katie. They are really good friends...such a blessing.
We visited some friends out at Dugway, Utah...Bella loved being up on top of the mountain...she was a brave little girl.
We were at Red Robin Restaurant...All I was doing was looking at her and she started laughing histerically. I just loved it!
Here is our beautiful little family. If only I had known that Lexi had her passy in her mouth...I would have removed it.
My one and only true love. Isn't he great?