Sunday, August 31, 2008

Houston St. Festival - 8/30/08

Well, Ricky got a phone call to perform at a local festival.  We got the call early in the morning on Saturday.  Ricky was asked to show up and perform at 4pm that evening prepared to sing 10 songs.  He only had 5 practiced and ready!  He freaked out just a little bit.  He spent a lot of hours on the computer looking for the right songs that he knew, so he could print the words and guitar key....and then he had to practice them.  Well, he actually performed 3 of his own songs as well.  He sounded so good.  There were a lot of people there.  Some of our dear friends went to support us as well and my mom and nephew. 

Sorry for the shadows, but I didn't have a flash.  He performed right in front of the Alamo, just a little to the left of the entrance.  That is the Alamo wall you see right behind him.

After he performed, we all went to the Rivercenter Mall to have a bite to eat.  Here is a cute as heck picture of all the kids in tow.  They all got cowgirl (and one cowboy) hat to commemorate the event. (Thanks Tasha and Tracey for the girls hats!! You are awesome!)

At least now they are set with Rodeo hats!  Yeeha!

Heeeeere's Ricky...

A week ago or so, my Ricky was given the opportunity to sing at a friend's house.  Unknown to Rick, there was a promoter for new talent in the room listening.  He LOVED Ricky's voice and wanted more.  He invited Rick to perform at an open-mike night at a local restaurant.  The promoter wanted a few people to hear Ricky before putting him in front of bigger crowds.

Here is a picture of Ricky before he performed that night.  Looking pretty confident, huh?

He sounded so good.  The audience loved him.  There was a gentleman there that played the harmonica.  He asked Rick if he could join him.  They were great together.  

That's my man!!!

Hugs for Ray Ray

We went to the Medina Valley Freshman/JV games with Aunt Mary the other day.  Nikki, our cousin is the school mascot.  Bella was in love.  The mascot's name is "Ray Ray".