Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visiting Grandma's gravesite

Yesterday, me, Bella and Daddy (Miranda was in school) went to visit Grandma Rose's gravesite. It was a beautiful day and Bella kept hugging Grandma's headstone.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Do we look alike?

This is me and my niece Hollie Anne. I have always been told that we could be twins...what do you think?

Tag, your it!

I've been tagged!!! Eight interesting things about me
Thanks Nicole!!:)

1. I miss serving in primary (10+ years kinda makes it part of your life).
2. I actually hate talking on the phone.
3. I went to my senior prom in shorts, good thing, too, cuz I later got thrown in a pool!
4. I just applied (yesterday) to Northwest Vista College to get started on my lifelong dream of being a nurse.
5. I really miss my daddy! (It has been over 11 years since he went to the great beyond.)
6. I love the way I look...flabby skin and all.
7. I really want to be pregnant again.
8. If I do get pregnant, I really want another girl....boys scare me.

Now I tag: Emily, Cassie, Bobbi, Heather, Kara, & Krista

Bedtime hugs

Tonight after Bella's bath, she wanted to watch cartoons with Miranda. Ok with Miranda, as long as Bella gives her a hug. Bella wouldn't let go and you can tell that she never took her eyes off the tv.

It gave Miranda the giggles. All the while, Bella never flinched or moved an inch.

Miranda's favorite pastime. If you can't find her, this is usually what she is doing. I LOVE that!!

my little babies

These two are so silly. Bella decided to suck her little play bottle and then Miranda wanted to do the same. Miranda's facial expression looks like when she was one.

Everything Miranda does, Bella wants to do (even though Bella was doing it first this time). Can you tell by those eyes?

Yes, she is actually licking me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I just love this image

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bella with her makeup and fish...what a combination.

Yes, I am the prettiest two year old in the world, thank you!

Her new addiction....little jelly-like fishing lures. She has to have them with here at all times. Definitely a fun addition to bath time. Miranda loves them, too.

Can you tell that Bella loves makeup? She is so insane about it. Thanks to Aunt Susy Q....this is quite often what Bella looks like on a daily basis. I particularly liked this pose.

Sisters and Cousins

These two....what can I say? They are totally in love with each other. Isn't if funny, though, how you love someone so much, yet you get so much enjoyment out of harrassing them? Miranda loves to pick on Bella. It's a sibling thing....crazy sisters!

Here is Ben (crazy cousin from Utah) and Miranda at my brother's house in Salt Lake. Notice the love in Miranda's eyes? Or is that "Just wait til you are asleep...then I'll get you" look?

Miranda's teachers--3rd grade

Well, school is back in full swing. Miranda has two new teachers. She loves them. They are Ms. Black and Mrs. Dunlop. I have a really good feeling about this year.

Red dresses

Is this an "I know I'm in trouble look" or what?

Aunt Emily is so awesome about getting these two little buddies matching outfits all the time. This is Molly (Bella's favorite cousin) and Bella in their matching red dresses. Bella would wear it everyday if I'd let her.

These two girls absolutely love each other. Right now their language to each other consists of screaming almost non-stop. They were having fun here in Molly's backyard playing kitchen. Gotta love childhood.