Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our weekend of fun.

Miranda was invited to see THE BEE MOVIE for a classmates birthday party. They let me and Bella was fun. I thought it was funny that the huge theater only had a couple kids in it. More showed up later...I just thought it was a good photo op.

We went to Nikki's birthday party on Saturday, and Bella hadn't had a nap and she was REALLY cranky. Emily saved us by giving her a pair of butterfly wings. She instantly cheered up and was happy (for a little while at least!)

Molly got a pair also. They had so much fun with the wings and they were the cutest things ever! Looks of pure joy!

They had a blow up bouncy at the party. Bella was bouncing down the slide with Karlie and Hayley. I swear she was way too close to flipping off and breaking her neck. She made it just fine, though...just a paranoid mom.

Miranda had a great time, too. She loved the "miner" lights someone let her wear. She wore it all night.

Christmas is here.

We are ready for Christmas in our household. Now hold on...don't think I'm crazy or anything. We hosted a photo session for family pictures at our house, with Santa. So, we HAD to have decorations up...darn know how we hate Christmas decorations! :( Ya right! We love it! :)

Here is my honey and I. Out having fun on a date. Love him!